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I decided to do one of those wisdom panel DNA tests on my puppy, Zara (629), to have a better understanding of her and her health risks. I know her mom and siblings were all adopted out by Colorado Puppy Rescue so I thought I'd share her results as it might benefit their owners (so please share if you can). Zara came back as Minipin and Briard mix. They said the mix went all the way back to her great grandparents but she also had markers for Puli, Pointer, Chinese Shar-Pei, Havanese, and Airedale Terrier (these are in order from most detection to least). Like I said, she came back strongest for Minipin and Briard though. She definitely has the Minipin personality and now I know how her tan/silver siblings got their wirey hair.

I am so grateful for my lovable puppy so thank you for all you guys do!

P.S. Below is a picture of her in her rain coat at almost 4 months old!

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